Welcome to Power Plumbers
Power Plumbers has over 50 years experience and are a well established business servicing Melbourne. We specialise in plumbing & draining services and are competitive in prices. We pride ourselves on an enviable reputation for quality workmanship, high levels of customer care, reliability and value for money. Most of our work comes from high levels of repeat business and client recommendations, mainly due to our reputation in the market.
We offer free no obligation quotations throughout Melbourne.
Our Company
Power Plumbers  was formed with the desire to provide the type of service we would all like to receive from a professional and efficient plumbing company.
We are a family owned business servicing Melbourne and Bayside suburbs and have over 54 years experience in the plumbing industry. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship & expert knowledge. Our plumbers are fully licensed and registered. We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed for 6 years as per Plumbing Industry Commission.
All our work complies with regulations - we do not take shortcuts. Safety and reliability is ensured as we test all installation & repairs thoroughly. Certificates of Compliance* are issued with all gas work and all jobs with a value over $500 to ensure against defective work.
Our staff are Courteous & friendly and have respect for your property. They are well presented and polite and carry out the work required in a professional and efficient manner and at a reasonable cost. This is a very simple code that we strive to achieve. We ensure that our work area is left clean & tidy after every job. All sewer effluent is disposed off and the area disinfected before we leave. Many of our clients are repeat customers or personal referrals.
From a leaking tap, a dual flush cistern to fitting a whole new bathroom, our Plumbers aim to give you a fast, efficient and friendly service, treating your property with respect and keeping any disruption to a minimum.
You can rely on Power Plumbers to solve all your plumbing and gas fitting problems properly and efficiently.
Our plumbers offer an efficient, professional and friendly service which we will tailor to your exact requirements.
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*Certificates of Compliance
All work subject to a Compliance Certificate carries insurance to project the consumer against defective work of the plumber. You should retain your Certificate for six years as evidence of your cover.
Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate must be given to the consumer and lodged with the Plumbing Industry Commission for the following work.
1. Where the total of the plumbing work including appliances, materials and labour, no matter who supplied them, has a value of $500 or more.
2. (a) The installation, relocation or replacement of any gas--using appliance.
(b) The conversion of a gas-using appliance for use with a different gaseous fuel.
(c) The installation, modification or relocation of consumer gas piping (other than work that is carried out on consumer gas piping by, or on behalf, of a gas company and that is incidental to the modification of the gas company's assets under provisions of an accepted safety case under the Gas Safety Act.
3. The construction, installation or alteration of any below ground sanitary drain or associated gullies.
Our customers tell us that they choose us because of our honesty, top quality workmanship, attention to functional detail and our detailed and professional way of explaining what we do. So, whether you are looking for a new bathroom, or need to replace your central heating boiler, our Melbourne plumbers can meet all of your requirements.