It doesn’t matter if you own a house or a commercial property.

Wet weather during the winter months can be equally devastating if you’re not maintaining your gutters.

Loose debris such as leaves and twigs left sitting in gutters will mat down and compress into a solid sheet with rain; causing clogging and the water to spill down the sides of your building where it will pool around its foundation.

The water pooling around the foundation particularly during a storm can lead to flooding. But even without flooding, the soil becomes completely saturated, causing it to erode and settle. This puts pressure on the foundation which can cause cracks in floors and walls. Moreover, moisture from the ground is a leading cause for rising damp and mould, while water cascading over the walls will cause rotting in fascia boards and seepage into wall cavities.

Four things you can do

  1. Inspect your gutters.
    Check that they have no rust, holes or leaks.
  2. Clear the debris in your gutters.
    They cause clogging in wet weather and are a fire hazard in hot weather.
  3. Run water through your gutters to force out any debris that is stuck.
  4. Adjust the slope of your gutters if there is standing water accumulating.
    A correct slope enables water to flow efficiently into the downspout.

Call an expert if you don’t know how

Gutter maintenance does require climbing up to the roofline on a ladder at least twice a year and knowing how to identify trouble spots during your inspection. If you’re not confident using a ladder or unsure what to look for, it is best to engage a professional plumber who can inspect, clean and fix any problems.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure especially when repairs are time consuming and expensive. Regular maintenance will save you from costly disruptions to your personal and workplace productivity. Don’t get caught out as one of our large industrial clients did recently after a heavy storm. Gutters should be included in your annual maintenance schedule whether you’re in a domestic or commercial environment.

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