Your entire business shuts down when there’s a burst fire service.

Coupled with peak hour traffic and an immediate need for traffic control, the situation could be a recipe for disaster if not managed well.

In July, a burst fire service at the front building of the Hisense Arena complex, spurting water across the roadway, brought the late-night traffic to a halt.

Attending to the site within minutes, we turned off the isolation shut off valve and informed the relevant authorities of our restoration plans. The urgency of repairs was upon us as the complex could not operate without the fire service.

Starting with setting up traffic control on Olympic Boulevard, we proceeded to sawcut the road way bitumen, excavating a trench to locate the burst service and repair it. Following repairs and service testing, we backfilled the trench with crushed rock and resealed the road with Hot mix bitumen. When all spoil was removed from site and the roadway cleaned up, we took down our traffic control management and reopened the road by 3:30pm, just in time for the roaring peak hour traffic.

An emergency service is more than just about urgent repairs. It’s an entire management system to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

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