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It was an emergency at the Melbourne fruit market in Epping.

A burst fire service below the concrete slap in the loading area had set off the jacking pump, triggering an automatic alarm to the fire brigade which arrived in full force.


As soon as we arrived, we shut the service down, traced the leak and provided a quote to Entire fire services.

The next day, we cut the concrete, excavated a trench and made the repairs required for Entire to turn on service and reset the alarms. We finished by repairing the concrete and removing all spoil from site.

We have worked with Power plumbers for 15 years because the quality of their service matches the high standard of service we endeavour to deliver to our end customer.

Power Plumbers understand the fire industry and the critical nature of our industry. When needed they respond accordingly and will have someone on site on the same day.

They have extensive knowledge of hydrants/Tanks/Hose reels and associated valves. We use Power Plumbers for anything from large underground repairs to routine 5 yearly maintenance of installations under AS1851-2005 and AS1851-2012.

Keryn Waters

Service Manager, Entire Fire Services

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