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CEO, Business owner

“Knowledge is my greatest asset.” And after more than 50 years in the industry, Peter is highly skilled in diagnosing problems, then solving them according to each person’s budget.

“There are always options when tackling problems. I simply match sound advice with a client’s immediate and longer-term needs.”

Something you don’t know about Peter: He travelled the world as a karate instructor before starting his plumbing career.


Business manager

Georgette enjoys nothing better than receiving a phone call or email from clients who express how much they appreciate her going the extra mile for them. And after more than a decade, she continues to solve their problems each day.

“My ability to really listen and tailor what we can do for each individual gives me great satisfaction. I’m fantastic with attention to detail, which is crucial for developing the many long-term relationships we have with clients.”

Something you don’t know about Georgette: She loves aviation. On most weekends, the airport is where you’ll find her with her family watching planes land and take off.


Plumbing Supervisor

“Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I make sure all parties, whether they are landlords or tenants, are happy before leaving the work site.”

And for more than 30 years, Shane does that with good listening, clear visualisation and troubleshooting to solve the problem.

Something you don’t know about Shane: He loves humour – he might try his hand in comedy one day.


Plumbing Supervisor

Gary built his career at Power Plumbers, starting as an apprentice more than 40 years ago. “I’m reliable and knowledgeable. My experience allows me to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.”

Something you don’t know about Gary: He loves travelling and watching sports with his family.


Customer Service Officer

Jolene’s warm and friendly personality shines through in customer service. “I help to identify the issue when booking in a job, and I don’t hesitate to discuss with the team in more difficult situations.”

Something you don’t know about Jolene: She was born in South Africa, moved to New Zealand at 6 years old, and later to Dubai and Melbourne.

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