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We had a smelly sewage problem that involved five neighbours all sharing the one sewage pit. Joel came and was very good natured about dealing with the blocked drains and huge mess. Power Plumbers admin were very helpful in providing copies of the complicated invoice with MMBW reports and sewage plans so everyone had their own copy and could see how the problem was a shared one. Jackie Tidey


I have been using Power Plumbers for 24 years on every sort of plumbing job needed in my house.  I look for four things in a plumber – quality of work, reliability, a practical approach and no surprises when the bill comes, which requires accurate quoting and immediate discussion of any variations needed once the work starts.  Power Plumbers continue to satisfy my expectations on all four counts.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending their work. Angela Nordlinger

Retired Barrister

Moving into new commercial premises is never an easy task, compounded when you need to do a fit out and have very little experience dealing with Trades. But we went with our gut feeling in selecting Power Plumbers and were not disappointed. Before quoting for the job, they organised a walk through and quickly came up with useful suggestions that we had not considered. This included isolating our plumbing from the Co-tenancy and installing a water filter system which we love.

Every member of the team communicated continuously throughout the process to ensure we knew what they were doing and when they would do it. They even offered to complete the works after the date they finished due to a delay by another party. We are impressed by their dedication to delivering services above and beyond our expectations and would highly  recommend Power Plumbers to any business looking for a completely professional approach to plumbing with a commercial fit out. Fiona McDonnell

Minuteman Press

When we had a burst water pipe in our house, Power Plumbers was the quickest and most helpful company that responded to our emergency call. Their two plumbers were professional, honest and reliable, and they made us feel so comfortable by keeping us informed of what was going on throughout the job. It wasn’t the easiest of pipes to locate, but they did and resolved our leak within a reasonable timeframe. Melissa Witbooi


I use Power Plumbers for ongoing maintenance work at both my home and workplace. Their plumbers are knowledgeable, professional and happy to give good advice. The quality of work is of a very high standard. They clean up after they complete a job and any post-work enquiries I might have is quickly followed-up by staff. Linda Aitken


Power Plumbers is a wonderful partner – professional, knowledgeable and accommodating – which is critical during our international and world-class events, especially during unforeseen situations. For example, at the 2017 Grand Prix, a thunderstorm flooded our tenant office space but within an hour, the Power Plumbing team had already cleared security, gained access to the track and started repairing the damage. Matthew Dowlan

Melbourne Sports Hub

We have worked with Power plumbers for 15 years because the quality of their service matches the high standard of service we endeavour to deliver to our end customer.

Power Plumbers understand the fire industry and the critical nature of our industry. When needed they respond accordingly and will have someone on site on the same day.

They have extensive knowledge of hydrants/Tanks/Hose reels and associated valves. We use Power Plumbers for anything from large underground repairs to routine 5 yearly maintenance of installations under AS1851-2005 and AS1851-2012. Keryn Waters

Service Manager, Entire Fire Services

Our more than a decade old relationship with Power Plumbers grows stronger with each passing year. It is an absolute pleasure to work with a company that’s so proud of its business values of reliability, exceptional service and performance standards.

And above all, trust. As a multifaceted building in the heart of Melbourne CBD with a range of business occupants, we require flexibility, consistency and technical alertness in planning ahead – all the attributes that Power Plumbers have, to exceed our expectations on most occasions.

Work with them if you value partnerships and consistent quality work; a combination hard to find in today’s dynamic business world. Karnjit Singh

Citiclub on Queen

Power Plumbers successfully fixed a rising damp issue at my house, working long hours over the weekend to ensure the job was completed promptly. To rectify the problem, they excavated next to the house, installed water proofing and improved the drainage. I would recommend them very highly. Rob Rankin


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